Buy and Sell Water

Fees and Charges:

A Temporary Transfer fee of $49.50 is payable to Water NSW.

Both a buyer and seller are subject to a fee of 2.75% (inc GST)


Holding (Standing)
Hunter River General – $13.62 / ml
Hunter River High – $$16.67 / ml
Bores $6.77 / ml

Hunter River General – $15.18/ ml
Hunter River High – $$15.18 / ml
Bores $3.03 / ml

HS = $31.85
GS + $28.80


  • GST is not payable on the supply of water
  • Supplementary is at the GS usage rate
  • All Hunter wells/bores are calculated from the Coastal figures
  • Unregulated Rivers usage are at the same rate as [eg Goulburn/Pages etc] are at Hunter River rates

(Info supplied from WaterNSW)

Please note:
  • If an interest is lodged it will be treated as an Expression of Interest only and is not a binding sale and is subject to that parcel being available.
  • Your Expression of Interest will give you the right to negotiate and fix the price.
  • The highest expression will be given first offer.
  • An allocation will NOT be held for any period in excess of twenty four (24) hours if a deposit is not paid within that period.
Types of Licences/WAL:
  • A. Surface Water ie river
  • B. Aquifers ie bores/wells

Prior to applying for a licence to extract from A or B an applicant must have purchased allocation.

The applicant will then be provided with:

  1. Works approval
  2. Water Access Licence (WAL

Prior to drilling an aquifer/bore a drillers licence must be granted.

A “water year” commences 1st July and ceases 30th June following year.