Changes to administration of water matters

In recent months there have been a number of changes to the administration of matters water, which has made a minefield for those wishing to transact business.

Originally Water NSW was responsible for ALL water matters, however this Department has now been reduced and administers licencing for the extraction of water from acquifers and regulated water sources [eg Hunter River].

Permanent and Temporary Transfers are conducted at Deniliquin or Dubbo, whilst licencing is from Newcastle.

The Department of Industry now administers the water sourced from the Sydney Water Basin [Hard Rock] ie water that is drawn or seeps from the sandstone,these zones are identified in separate areas.

A new independant body was created in April that ensures ALL water is equitably shared and the privilege of a water licence is not abused by the extraction of unlicenced water.

This Body is NRAR or National Resources Access Regulator,who will conduct on the ground compliance checks of Users to ensure that the Act,water sharing plans and extraction systems are compliant.

This has been created as a result of the abuse of extraction in the Murray/Darling System.