Check your Lucerne varieties

Article from The Land.

The incorporation of Lucerne into pasture rotations, whether on its own in in combination with other pasture species underpins many mixed farming operations across the state.

It is imperative, therefore, according to Frank McRae, Product Development Manager, Auswest Seeds, Borenore to ensure landholders have the right variety to suit both their soil types and enterprise aspirations.

Mr McRae made the point Lucerne growth is seasonal; so it must fit not only the environment in which it is being grown but be an important part of the farming system.

“It has also to meet production goals and complement the other forage crops, dual-purpose crops and pastures that are being grown,” he said.

Although it was traditionally a summer growing plant, Mr McRae pointed out Lucerne varieties are generally selected on late autumn/winter growth, insect resistance and disease resistance.

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