Water Traders NSW
Water Traders in NSW is the arm that brokers sale/purchase of irrigation water allocations for inland rivers of NSW.

It was commenced in 1988 when we sold the first allocation from the Hunter River. Since then transactions have included the Namoi, Goulburn, Macquarie and Lachlan.

Permanent and temporary transfers of both General and High Security allocation has been negotiated to vineyards, power generation, mines, irrigation farms and orchards.

Our expertise is sought when water is the topic in the Hunter Valley.

Benefits of using a water broker
  • Trends in the water market
  • Water strategy for your operation
  • Suitable water classification
  • Price transparency
What is a temporary trade?

A temporary transfer of water is ONLY for the 12 month period July to June 30. It is the means by which an irrigator can obtain the temporary use of allocation from one holder.

What is a permanent trade?

Permanent transfer is the transfer of allocation to a licence holder on a permanent basis. The purchaser obtains the Title, therefore the allocation granted indefinitely.

What is a “forward” allocation?

“Forward” allocation markets are a new development. The buyer enters a contract with the seller to purchase a water allocation for a set price and at an agreed date. Therefore delivery at a price and date is guaranteed.

These transfers are between the broker and clients. The transfer only involves the Department when the application is lodged.